4 Ways Busy Moms Can Workout at Home

Being busy just seems to come with being a mom. Moms know they need to take care of themselves so they can be there for their families but they often allow responsibilities to prevent them from working out. With children, home, and work responsibilities, it can be impossible to find time to go to the gym for a proper workout. Thankfully, there are easy ways a woman can workout at home so she can keep her body in shape and be strong for her family.

These at home workout opportunities make staying in shape much easier:

  • When it comes to keeping a home clean, having children makes it ten times difficult. Although household chores are often considered cumbersome, they can actually provide an easy way for moms to get the workout their bodies need. Depending on the level of intensity and the type of housework being done, a woman can burn up to 180 calories an hour, helping her to shed excess weight.
  • Walking is an excellent way to burn calories and strengthen the body and cardiovascular system. The average woman can burn about 100 calories per hour of walking. Pushing a stroller adds to that number and can allow a mom to get the workout she needs without feeling like she is neglecting time spent with her children.
  • Many women think they can only get an effective workout in a gym but the truth is, a woman can use large tin cans and jugs of water for weights. This allows her to tone her body and increase her strength without having to invest in expensive gym equipment. While toning with weights won’t burn any significant calories, it can add strength to the muscles and tone the flabby areas.
  • Simply playing around with the kids can do wonders for burning calories. Dancing, running, jumping, and being silly are great ways to keep the heart pumping and the body burning fat. Running around and playing with a child can burn 78 calories an hour and it is a lot of fun to boot.

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