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Chiropractic Care and Its Benefits to the Nervous System To be able to know the advantages that regular chiropractic care has on the nervous system, you must first have a knowledge about the basic functioning of how the nervous system would work. The system’s functioning relies on the neurons that are billions of tiny cells in the nervous system. There are billions of them in your brain and each does a certain job. Through this, the brain would function like a super computer that controls the rest of the function of the body. But, it doesn’t do good to have this awesome brain when such cannot send and receive messages from the other body parts. This is where the spine and the nerves would come into play. They connect the brain with the body so that this can get the messages to the body to tell what it should do and how to function when getting the messages from the body to let this know what is going on. If you have touched a hot stove, such would send a message that is carried by those nerves in your finger to your brain and the spinal cord that lets them know that you have touched a hot surface. The brain and the spinal cord would send a message back in order to tell the muscles in the arm to contract and pull your hand away. Such happens very quickly. The messages that travel through the nerves move at speeds that are much faster than 200 mph.
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There are also times that the nerves branching off the spinal cord would get compromised or compressed in which this would slightly lose the alignment and the motion of the spinal bones. If this happens, such is called subluxation. When the nerve would get compressed or this becomes irritated, such would transmit pain signals in your body and you will be experiencing pain. If the nerve which is compressed plugs into your muscles, then you can experience muscle weakness.
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If the nerve that has been affected has influence on several non-vital organs in the body, then you may have problems that is related to your automated organ function and not know this as an issue. You could take medications in order to control the symptoms which are associated with the effects of the organ not functioning properly and not even realize the cause of the problem is not the organ itself but the fact that it isn’t getting proper nerve signals input and such overtime stops the functioning. You should know that safe and effective chiropractic adjustment may help in restoring proper motion in the spinal joints. Also, this would restore proper flow of the nerve impulses too.