An online Christian counselor can help you fight suicidal thoughts – Know how

There are very few topics which arouse more fear than planning to commit suicide. The word itself fills someone with heartache and sadness. In fact, scribbling on the topic seems to be even worse. There are several tough questions that need to be answered at every bend and different tender feelings need to be intersected. But when we can’t let our sadness and fear over any difficult issue keep us from interacting with each other, it is with compassion and clarity that we should discuss about this terrific reality. You may even visit to know more on how counseling can help eliminate such life-threatening thoughts.

Suicide – What is it?

It is a sense of hopelessness or inescapability which is combined along with a pattern of coping up, restrained tolerance which gives birth to suicidal intent. This is a rather dry definition of a kind of loss which rips apart the heart of the near and dear ones who are left behind in the family of the deceased. If you know someone who has got suicidal thoughts due to a negative life that he leads, you should offer him immediate help.

Few statistics on suicidal deaths:

  • In the year 2014, suicide was touted to be the 11th leading cause of sudden deaths in the US and there was 1 man in every 16 minutes who committed suicide
  • Suicides outstrip homicides
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death and it is mostly found among people in between the ages of 15 and 24 years
  • More men as compared to women die out of suicide but more women as compared to men attempt suicide
  • Half a million college-goers reportedly committed suicide each year
  • More than 5000 seniors kill themselves in a year

What can a counselor do in order to help you?

The first step that a counselor or even in that case, a family member can do in order to prevent suicide is detect the warning signs. Here’s how suicidal thoughts can be detected:

  • Speak of suicide in a general tone
  • Verbal statements like ‘I wish I was never born’
  • Handling over various valuable possessions like your pets
  • Preoccupation with terminal illness, death, wills, graveyards or burial plots
  • Planning to arrange care for your dependents
  • Change in sleeping, eating and grooming habits
  • Withdrawing from other favorite activities
  • No fear of death

Firstly, the Christian counselor should listen to the problems of the person, then give him hope and suggest few ways in which he can lead a positive life which doesn’t lead him to death.