Everything You Need to Know about Protecting Yourself from Radiation from Your Wi-Fi

We constantly hear about protecting ourselves from EMFs from our cell phones, tablets, laptops, and even televisions, but not many of us know how we can protect ourselves from our home or business Wi-Fi connections. Most homes and businesses today have Wi-Fi routers and modems, and these can have a serious effect on our health and well-being as well. And whilst it’s relatively easy to protect yourself from cell phone radiation by limiting your cell phone use or making use of speakers, what can you really do about the Wi-Fi connection in your home or business if you need it every day? Here’s everything you need to know about protecting yourself from radiation from your Wi-Fi.

The potential effects of Wi-Fi radiation

Just like cell phones and other appliances and gadgets, your Wi-Fi router or modem may have an effect on your body’s functions. For example, it can result in a disruption in the metabolism of glucose in your brain, and it may result in hyperactivity and an increased likelihood of developing cancer as well. Other research has shown Wi-Fi radiation to have more effects on the body, such as fatigue, constant headaches, irritability, and problems and issues with the digestive system.


Benefits of combating Wi-Fi radiation

Most people who have addressed the effects of Wi-Fi radiation on their bodies have already experienced a lot of benefits. One main benefit of lessened exposure to Wi-Fi radiation is better and more restful sleep. Another benefit is increased energy as well as better, more enhanced immunity. If you find ways to lessen your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation, you may also decrease your risk of getting certain types of cancers, such as breast cancer and brain cancer. Your reproductive health may improve as well. Also, you may feel more alert and may think more clearly, and your focus and concentration can sharpen.

What you can do

Disable it

In order to combat the effects of Wi-Fi radiation, you can first start by disabling the wireless functionality on your devices. If you aren’t using your devices, you could disable their wireless functionality. These would include devices such as the modem or router, your laptop or desktop computer, your tablet, your printers and projectors, and other appliances or devices which have connectivity to Wi-Fi.

You can also swap your wireless tech accessories for wired accessories, such as your wireless keyboard for a wired keyboard, a wired mouse, a wired printer, and a wired scanner. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of EMF protection products, like shields, pendants, and more, which you can readily buy online.

Turn it off

Another simple thing you can do is turn off your Wi-Fi at night, especially when you sleep. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you can even connect your Wi-Fi router or modem to a timer, so it will turn off automatically once you and your loved ones are asleep. Better yet, make use of a power strip with multiple outlets so all your gadgets and devices can be turned off during the night.

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