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Reasons Why It Helps to Have a Realtor When Selling Your House Selling your house is a complex endeavor. If only it was that simple, we wouldn’t be needing the services of real estate agents, right? In reality, even if you are oozing with confidence when it comes to the hope of selling your own home, there’s still no denying that you don’t have the expertise and experience that a realtor has. It may be hard to convince you to just hire a professional to represent you and your interests in a real estate deal, but the reasons we listed below could very well make you reconsider. 1 – Real estate agents always have an established marketing plan.
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Real estate agents, unlike you, make money by being experts at selling properties in behalf of their clients. And with that in mind, they’re the ones who are experts in marketing your home to people who have the greatest potential to buy it. While you are surely dedicated in selling it fast on your own, the real question is do you actually have an actual marketing plan on how to do it?
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2 – Realtors know what a fair and realistic price offer is. We mentioned earlier that selling your home isn’t as simple as it appears. One of the reasons why home sellers can’t really do it on their own is because they don’t have the experience and knowledge in figuring out a reasonable asking price for the property. The fact that they know practically everything about the industry, i.e. trends in the local market, financing options, price of competing properties for sale, means that they can provide you the information you need for coming up with the ideal, practical, and reasonable price offer for your property. Remember that setting a wrong or outrageous price for your home will never give you the chance to sell it fast. 3 – Real estate agents will do the negotiating for you. The most important element in negotiating a real estate deal is objectivity. But there’s no way you can be objective in a negotiation if the subject is your own property. So this is why you should instead be tapping the services of a realtor to act as your representative. This individual will also be the one who will evaluate every single proposal made by a potential buyer and in the process of doing, he or she will make sure you won’t be compromising your marketing position. For many home sellers, they won’t need the services of a realtor because they don’t like the idea of paying for their commission, but what they don’t realize is that having one by their side and representing their interest in negotiating with buyers means that they have a much better chance of closing out with a very reasonable price that’s close to their initial price offer.