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Online Marketing The promotion and marketing of products and services using digital technologies in the internet is known as digital marketing or, otherwise, called data-driven marketing. The use of this term started in the 1990s, but as early as the 1980s, the process has already taken roots when the SoftAd Group, which is now known as ChannelNet, introduced a unique advertising campaign for automobiles, such that when interested parties sent in their reply cards found in magazines, they received in return floppy disks which contained a multimedia presentation of the product cars and a free test drive. As the process further developed, digital marketing has also become known as online marketing, internet marketing, or web marketing, depending on the digital capability being used. USA use online marketing and Italy uses web marketing, while UK prefers to stay with digital marketing. In the 2000s, further development of digital marketing by using different technologies had made companies take note and utilized digital marketing for promoting their products. The rise of more developed digital devices and designed platforms have made people take interest into internet browsing, such that they have also started to browse over products and services on the net, rather than going out of their way to go to various stores and look for brands promoted online. The fast progress of digital marketing has become so proliferate and so advanced due to the development of various digital techniques, like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e-books, optical disks, video games. Digital marketing not only allows for brand companies to market their products and services but can also provide online customers a 24/7 service, using social media, to make customer feel that they are supported and valued. Customer feedback through social media are equally important for brand companies to help improve their products and encourage an indirect way of advertisement as other people can read online the conversations of the customers. The importance of social media has helped in nurturing digital communication, which has helped in the flow of information and understanding better the products to as many people as possible, world-wide. it has been proven that social media has helped boost quality customer services and relations between existing customers and new customers, as well as increasing brand awareness.
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Digital marketing has made it possible to purchase brands at a lower cost since other related costs, such as external service, advertising, processing, interface design, and control, are affected on it.
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A major setback seen in digital marketing is its dependency on internet, which can hinder its promotional strategy if some areas have no internet or some areas have poor internet connection. Factoring in on the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing can push for more creative promotional strategies.