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Succulent Care Tips

succulent simply means any type of plant that is capable of growing well in places with dry climate. The process of taking care of these type of plants is not tedious. Not a large number of pest species are attracted to succulents For plants to grow in a more healthy way, they should be appropriately taken care of and prevented from pests accordingly. Additionally, it is of essence to choose the type of plants that would suit your living environment well. You should first buy a wide and very sturdy pot for a proper maintenance of succulent.

all types of succulents needs the right size of pots. For these type of plants to grow well, they usually spread their thick roots out to a wider diameter. For the pot not to tip over, you should get a very sturdy pot for the heavy and wider variety of succulent. An example of a better choice is the terra cotta. A good pot should have drainage holes near its bottom. You should choose container materials that would allow you make the drainage holes.

For shallow rooted succulents, a shallow pot would be the most appropriate. A sunny place is where you should put the succulent. if your environment is of hot climate, the right place to put the plant is the place that gets a bit of the filtered sunlight everyday. For people living in cold climates, they should put the plants in the sun for about six hours. If the plants are indoor, you should rotate them for every part to receive the sunlight. To ensure that your succulent is receiving the right amount of water, you should water them at least every week. However, the number of watering sessions depends on the type of succulent. The soil should have the right amount of moisture during the summer season and the spring season.
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If you overwater the succulents, the roots may start rotting. During the season of dormancy, succulents should be watered frequently. During this season, the soil should be left to completely dry before the next watering is done. You may need to water the variety of succulents that produce flowers more frequently compared to ones that don’t. For proper succulent care, you ought to have an idea of the variety of pests that they commonly attract. Mealy bugs and aphids are some of the common pests that these type of plants commonly attract. Aphids mostly attack the stems, leaves and also the flower buds. If aphids and mealy bugs infect the succulents, the most suitable pesticide to use is the insecticidal soap. You can buy the insecticidal soap from any local nursery or make It on your own.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Tips