The Support You Need After Rehab

The Long Journey

Too often, addicts and drug abusers end up falling back into their habits because they lack the support they need at home. In many cases, the home from which they hail is the exact environment that caused them to fall into their drug habit in the first place. Because of this, individuals who have managed to detox after staying at a rehabilitation center wind up exactly where they were before. The stressors of that environment prove to be too much and they wind up addicted to drugs once more.

To ensure that all of your hard work in rehab doesn’t go to waste and you maintain a sober lifestyle, one of the best decisions that you can make is to move into sober living housing. As its name might suggest, these houses are designed to help addicts and alcoholics maintain the support they require while beginning their lives in the outside world after rehab. Essentially, these sober houses are the bridge between rehab and a full sober life in the outside world. They can also be used as a place to detox for those who aren’t entirely comfortable with the full-on rehab experience.

The sober housing run by Stepping Stones Recovery Houses places its emphasis on compassionate support. They equip the houses with trained teams and managers to help support the residents inside with their journey. To ensure that you don’t fall back into your old habit, they can help you change the environment of the outside world by helping you discover job opportunities and other housing arrangements for when you’re ready to move back into the world. By changing the stressors of the environment, you have a far better chance of maintaining a sober life. Having a steady and reliable job and moving to a different area or with supportive, sober, friends could be the exact recipe that you need to follow.

The managers and team at Stepping Stones can help you discover the best plan for your success.