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Using a Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense: a Guide

A tactical flashlight should come to mind when buying a device that may help with personal safety. You can pick the best brand based on numerous factors, but the best tactical flashlights review for 2017 can provide a guided shopping experience. Regardless of the type of tactical flashlight you want, the device may play different roles in enhancing personal safety, for example:

Illuminating Dark Areas

It may seem obvious that a flashlight will light dark areas, but what many people do not know is that, from a personal safety perspective, all dark spaces should be viewed as dangerous. When you’re equipped with a tactical flashlight capable of 700 or more lumens, you have the ability to detect danger from a safe point of view and to recognize what lies in the darkness ahead of you.
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Ascertain that you always rely on your flashlight to “clear” any dark spaces prior to proceeding. This device will help you a lot, whether walking your dog at dusk, talking a walk at night, or reacting to an odd noise within your home compound. Using a flashlight this way will enhance your personal safety and prevent you from unknowingly walking into an ambush.
What You Should Know About Sales This Year

Illuminating into the Eyes of an Attacker

You may find numerous flashlights that rely on high intensity LED light technology, courtesy of today’s technological advancements. In case you illuminate such high intensity light into the eyes of an assailant, they may be unsettled, unable to see you, or turn away, for up to a second. A second may not look like a long time, but it is adequate for you to disorient an assailant, initiate an attack, or handle an urgent threat in any other sensible manner.

Shock Resistance

If the successful application of your flashlight is a question of personal safety, the device should be shock resistant. When attacked, you can rule out the possibility of the flashlight dropping on a hard surface, and you want it to withstand the impact so you can pick it up and keep lighting darker areas.

The reason why tactical flashlights are great for personal safety is that they’re made of durable material, for example aircraft grade aluminum that does not break on impact. These flashlights come with a fine gripping texture on their bodies, allowing a firm grip around them, and preventing them from easily slipping out of your hand and weakening your position in front of an attacker.

When choosing a tactical flashlight, be sure to examine its performance in terms of light output, run time, and even beam distance. Equipped with a heavy-duty tactical flashlight, you’ll be able to see clearly in the dark and avoid running into nasty traps.