Amber is now a trend among Mothers to An Artists

There are many ways that mothers do to maintain the health of their baby. One of the trends now is to wear their children necklaces from amber.

Wearing baby with Baltic Amber teething necklace has actually been done by mothers in the western world since 2010. The mothers wear their children amber necklaces because they are believed to have health benefits.

The necklace is often worn to babies who are or will be teething. Using this necklace, it is believed that the pain or discomfort experienced by the baby will decrease. How can?

This is because the stone made into a necklace is a Baltic amber that comes from pine sap that has become fossilized. This type of amber contains high succinic acid. The lighter and thicker the sap, the higher the concentration of the substance. This succinic acid is usually found in plants and animals. The succinic acid substance that can help amber necklace users become healthier.

When used, amber granules will come into contact with the skin. When in contact with this, the wearer’s body heat makes baltic amber release oil containing succinic acid, which is then absorbed by the body. When it is absorbed by the body, the substance functions like ibuprofen or a pain reliever, it’s just natural. Scientifically, succinic acid is indeed often used in the world of medicine as an anti-inflammatory to reduce fever.

The benefits of amber necklaces presented above make many mothers now wear these accessories to their children. And this necklace is not only used by girls but also men.

The use of amber necklaces for children is increasingly being done by mothers in the world, especially Instagram users, after children, even celebrities wear it.

Do you also include those who have tried the efficacy of amber necklaces in your beloved baby? Let’s share the experience of the efficacy of this necklace on the comments page.