Frequently Asked Questions About Pee Drug Tests

If you wish to perform a drug test by providing samples of urine, you should know how it functions and what you should expect. 

Have in mind that it is entirely non-invasive, simple to conduct, provides you fast and accurate results when it comes to quantity and type of drugs you took. 

The combination of cannabis legislation and old laws regarding drug screenings is making people wondering what they should do and how to pass specific tests if they arrive on short notice.

That is why you should stay with us to get answers on frequently asked questions about urine drug screening. 

What Are Reasons For Performing Drug Tests?

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We can consider various reasons and circumstances under which you have to pass a urinalysis:

  • Pre-Employment Hiring Process – It is not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs when you are on the job. It does not matter in which industry you are working, because that is illegal and the employer could quickly fire you or pay for detoxification and cleansing. Even though drug tests are not mandatory, most employers are conducting them regularly for various reasons. The first process of screening starts now when you apply to your dream job as a condition for employment.

At the same time, based on the company’s drug policy, they can require screenings regularly to ensure a drug-free working environment. These tests are essential in workplaces that are prone to risk and have safety issues such as ones that involve using heavy machinery. The third reason for conducting screenings can happen due to a specific case that happened, such as an accident in which both insurer and employer has to determine whether an individual was under the influence during that period.

  • School – Some schools want to reduce the possibility of students consuming illegal drugs, and they are conducting regular testing that will help them maintain the drug-free environment. Even though it is not as common as pre-employment screening, testing in schools is the best way to identify students that started consuming light illegal drugs because that will help them understand the consequences that may happen in the future.
  • Sports – Testing for illegal substances is standard in sporting environments, especially for prominent tournaments and competitions. Even though these tests can check for the presence of illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine, their focus is on performance-enhancing drugs that are illegal and can disqualify the competitor in case of failure.
  • Probation – It doesn’t matter if you have served time, went through rehab program or been prosecuted by the court because the judge can require you to pass drug screening with an idea to ensure that person is sober during the time of probation. For these cases, the most common tests are blood and urinalysis because they are quickest and easiest ways to determine both short and long term usage.
  • Parents – If a parent suspects that child is misusing drugs due to numerous reasons, they can purchase urine drug testing kit that will allow them to be proactive and to find ways to solve this issue before it becomes a more severe problem than before. Since we live in the world in which drugs are highly accessible to both adults and minors, parents can test their children at random intervals as the way to monitor everything that happens.

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Is Urinalysis Accurate?

When it comes to employment screenings, have in mind that you will need to give a sample under strict supervision in which you will be surrounded by physicians, technicians, and nurses that are trained for that specific situation.

You can consider two types of urinalysis: GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) and IA (immunoassay) test. The IA test is not that accurate as of the other one, which means that it can give false-positive results, which could be problematic to you as an employee.

It means that the test will show the specific presence of drugs even if you have not consumed anything. The second step of testing is putting urine through GC-MS because it is a more reliable and accurate method that will detect different types of illegal substances.

The accuracy depends on professionalism and standards of facility and laboratory you decide to choose. 

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Urine?

The most common questions that people are asking is how to clear a urine drug test from drug metabolites, specifically THC. Before we even think about that, we have to consider numerous reasons that can affect the amount of time you will need to cleanse urine thoroughly, and these factors include:

  • Body Weight – If you exercise, it means that you have more muscles, which lead to an idea that you will have a fast metabolism and that will help you cleanse your body faster than before. However, if you have more body fat than muscles, it means that you will need more time to cleanse urine, especially when it comes to weed. THC remains in fat cells, which will require your specific instructions and lifestyle to cleanse yourself promptly.
  • What and When You Consumed It – The factor is when was the last time you consumed the substance you are afraid will lead you to fail. Of course, different substances will stay in your body for a different amount of time, which means that you should learn how they react in your body so that you can create specific time for cleansing. You should check out this website to learn more:
  • Frequency Of Consumption – The rate of consumption is also a vital factor because it will help you determine whether you will have the ability to cleanse fast or not. For instance, when you consume weed regularly, you will need at least a month of abstinence and rigorous detox lifestyle so that you can pass the test. In some severe cases, the THC metabolites can remain in your urine up to three months, especially if you have a large percentage of body fat. Even if you try to do it, remember that no one can really and exactly tell you how long you need to cleanse yourself because that is an individual trait.