Restoring the Vibrancy and Health of Your Mouth

As you age, your teeth may start to look worn out and aged.  Lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking coffee can leave stains on the enamel.  You also may have lost several teeth to decay or injuries, leaving your smile less than whole.

Going through life with anything less than a perfect smile can be a challenge when you routinely have to talk and interact with people.  You may feel like they are judging you because of your imperfect smile.  When you enlist the help of a hygienist, oral surgeon, or dentist Wheeling IL residents like you may be able to get the white and healthy smile that has eluded you all of these years.

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Considering Implants

When you consider yourself too young for dentures, you might wonder what your other options are for replacing teeth that you have lost.  You may not want to leave the spaces in your mouth open because they make it difficult to talk and eat.  However, you may not want the rest of your teeth extracted to make room for a full set of dentures.

Instead, you could have the spaces filled with dental implants.  Implants look and feel like real teeth.  They are made out of materials that resemble real teeth enamel, and they also allow you to eat and speak normally.

They are inserted through a surgical process that begins with molds of your mouth being taken in the dentist’s office.  The dentist constructs the implants to fit in your mouth and look entirely normal.

Your dentist also must make sure you have enough bone in your jaw in which to anchor the implants. If you lack a sufficient amount of bone, you might have to undergo a bone transplant with bone taken out of your hip or leg.

Once the implants are put in your mouth, they can last for years with proper care and attention.  You will need to undergo regular dental exams like normal.  You can find out all of the information you need about dental implants and the resulting process by going online today.