Which is More Dangerous, Cigarette or Cannabis?

In many countries, smoking marijuana is a violation of law that can be severely punished. In contrast to tobacco, there are rarely any rules that strictly prohibit it even though cigarettes can cause cancer, heart attacks, pregnancy and fetal disorders.

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) or also called marijuana is a cultivated plant that is often misused. The leaves contain tetrahydrokanabinol (THC) compounds that have psychoactive effects or can affect brain nerves and psychiatric conditions. For more info about THC you can visit All Natural Medical Solutions, Inc.


Leaf marijuana is abused by means of chopped, dried and then burned and sucked like tobacco leaves. The most characteristic effect of sucking cannabis leaves is euphoria or joy until laughing giggling without cause, then followed by hallucinations or seeing things that are not real. click here if you want to know the danger of cannabis


It can not be denied, the habit of smoking cannabis can also trigger long-term effects. Quoted from Health line,  several effects of continuous marijuana use are as follows.


  1. Increased risk of psychotic or chronic psychiatric disorders
  2. Respiratory and pulmonary function impairment
  3. Drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptom)
  4. Memory and concentration disorders.


But, if you want to know more info just visit eDocMMJ However the effect directly triggers behavior change, marijuana always seems more dangerous than cigarettes whose short-term effects are almost nonexistent except for coughs for those sensitive to the smell of smoke. Some even think smoking can actually increase concentration.